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Raw beats mixed with attitude from a NY House Master.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Nov 11, 2007

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Acid house king Todd Terry returns to the UK Dance scene with a bang sure to be heard the world over. 'Strictly Todd Terry' is an amalgamation of classic Strictly Rhythm beats and contemporary tracks which is a must for any self respecting music lover’s collection. A double mix album which features many of Strictly Rhythm classics such as ‘Morels Groove 4’, Colonel Abrhams – ‘Victims of Loving’ and CLS – ‘Can You Feel It’ (not to be confused with Royal House).

This is not just a retrospective album, far from it. Look out for Todd’s new projects 'Play On' and 'Get Down' which see him working with the infamous ‘My My My’ vocalist Tara McDonald. Both are sure to be big chart successes worldwide. Other highlights include the retro sounding Marlon D – ‘Jesus Creates Sound’, and the tracky dance floor number Grand high Priest – ‘My Guitar’. Get it.

"Strictly Todd Terry"
Mixed By: Todd Terry
Label: Defected
Released: November 5, 2007
Format: CD, Vinyl
1. Youngbloods - "Got Me Burnin Up" (UK deep mix)
2. Afro Cube - "Muevete Mama" (Broder mix)
3. George Morel - "Let's Groove"
4. Da Mongoloids - "Spark Da Meth" (Bangin Like Benzi mix)
5. Todd Terry feat Tara McDonald - "Play On" (Tee's master mix)
6. Black Magic - "Let It Go" (MAW dub)
7. Marlon D - "Jesus Creates Sound" (main mix)
8. RBM - "The Boy" (Ralph's Hard House mix)
9. Smooth Touch - "Tripping" (More Nunez mix)
10. River Ocean feat India - "Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun)" (MAW 07 remix)
11. Robbie Rivera - "Feel This" (Robbie Rivera's original mix)
12. Sole Fusion - "Bass Tone" (House Nation mix)
13. Ms Barbara Tucker feat Darryl D'Bonneau - "Strop Playing With My Mind" (Full Intention dub mix)
14. Colonel Abrams - "Victim Of Loving You" (Broken Down mix)
15. Phunkie Souls - "Tha Music (Floats Your Cares Away)"
16. Marlon D - "Dance 2 Da Dub"
17. Grand High Priest - "My Guitar"
18. CLS - "Can U Feel It?" (In House dub)
Side 2
1. UPI - "That String Track"
2. Quentin Harris feat Margaret Grace - "My Joy"
3. Barbara Tucker - "Stay Together" (Bubble Beats/ Funky Piano instrumental)
4. Hardrive feat LG - "Sindae" (Masters At Work dub)
5. Djaimin feat Crystal Re-Clear - "Give You" (Groove Assassin classic club mix)
6. Mone - "We Can Make It" (Jazz N Groove club mix)
7. Lou2 - "Freaky" (The Bar Heads mix)
8. The Funk Junkeez - "Got Funk?" (Da Mongoloids Funktastic Funk mix)
9. Todd Terry - "Bounce 2 The Beat" (remix)
10. Todd Terry All Stars feat Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter & Tara McDonald - "Get Down" (Kenny Dope dub)
11. Mood II Swing feat Lauren - "It's Gonna Work Out" (Hard dub)
12. Sneak Essentials - "In Da Clouds" (Da original dub)
13. Grand High Priest - "Mixdown"
14. Quentin Harris feat Monique Bingham - "Poor People" (Pastaboys main mix)
15. Todd Terry feat Tara McDonald - "Play On" (Tee's Frozen dub)
16. M & M - "So Deep, So Good"
17. Storm & Hedman - "Quick Dance"
18. Barbara Tucker - "Stay Together" (Soulful mix)

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