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Take a listen to samples from StoneBridge's latest artist album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Apr 7, 2010

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(Press Release) Six years after the debut album ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and more than 20 years after his first release, StoneBridge hands in his third artist album. Countless hit singles, such as ‘Put ‘Em High’, ‘SOS’ and ‘You Don’t Know’, stirred up the dance scene for what is now to come. The Stoney Boy flavour, creaming the sounds of artists such as Robin S, Britney Spears, Lenny Kravitz, Robbie Williams and Lily Allen in several housy remixes, has established StoneBridge as a world class remixer and producer receiving a Grammy nomination for his interpretation of ‘Ne-Yo – Closer’ in 2009.

But there’s more, for Stone’s world doesn’t only evolve around his own music, but also that of other talented producers. His Stoney Boy Music label is a true asylum for those in search of quality club anthems with a special brand of peak time house.

Following the success of his two previous artist albums, the favored StoneBridge sound now finds its new awakening on ‘The Morning After’. The Swedish producer and superstar DJ rubs the sleep from everyone’s eyes with a 10 track ride into soulful, sexy and steaming hot house. Talented vocalists like Dayeene, La Trice and Erire gave their best to fill Stone’s album with quality vocals. The result is ten strong tracks with the StoneBridge mark, one that guarantees you that the bodies will move, the ears will be tingled and nothing else matters but the music on play.

The Morning After - Tracklisting
01. Feel Good
02. Trip’en
03. The Morning After
04. Tree Against My Window
05. Feeling This Way
06. Love It
07. Freedom
08. Don’t Say You Love Me
09. Spinning Top
10. Don’t Matter

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