Steven Tyler Talks 'American Idol,' 'Aerosmith' Tour

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Posted by billd on Wed Jan 19, 2011

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Steven Tyler has joined Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson on the judging panel for the new season of American Idol. Tyler phoned to discuss what it means to him professionally to be part of the pop culture show, the latest on his band Aerosmith (hint: new tour!) and what the rock legend looks to bring to the highest rated show on American television.

When asked what he will bring to the American Idol panel, Tyler's responded, "I'm just a judge. I'm not going in there to be a harsh or an overly bearing judge. I’m just bringing my Italian, I know how to work a room energy, honesty and 40 years as the front guy in Aerosmith who’s judged the hell out of himself and made a pretty good career out of it in the process. I have hopes to find some kids for American Idol to take the stage. No more, no less." The rock legend also discussed plans of a new Aerosmith Tour. "We’ve been writing. Joe’s (Perry) got some licks. I’ve got a bunch of songs I’ve written for solo and-or Aerosmith...we’re already booked for a tour in November and December - South America and Japan."

The new season of American Idol premieres tonight, January 19th, at 8PM on Fox. 

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