Sound Forge 6.0 + Demo Download

If You need good digital audio editor, try new award-winning software - Sonicfoundry Sound Forge 6.0. Here's some information about their latest release and a demo download.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jun 18, 2002

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In new version, users will find some new features like:

  • Powerful and fast nondestructive audio editing(faster Cut, Copy & paste)
  • Multitask background rendering (now we can work on 2 different jobs simultary)
  • Increased Editing Accuracy (Sound Forge 6.0 now has a zoom ratio greater than 1:1 (24:1))
  • 32-Bit/64-bit float/192 kHz File Support
  • video controls throught IEEE-1394
  • Many more audio functions...

You can download an operational demo version of Sound Forge right here.

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