Sonny J's Handsfree Music Video Combines Mutants, Cops and Eye Candy

Another ear (and eye) catching single from Sonny J.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon May 26, 2008

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You know you have just heard a hit when you can't stop humming the hook 24-hours after hearing it for the first time. Sonny J has thrown another catchy single into the fray. "Handsfree" is Mr. J's latest single off his debut album Disastro, released on June 16th, 2008. If seen on paper, one would think it a cacophony of unlistenable noise; however, in Mr. J's hands we have a soulful tapestry heretofore unheard. The PR puts it perfectly: "an effortlessly addictive collage of northern soul, Morricone, and The Fifth Dimension, with an added splash of The Avalanches thrown in for good measure."

If Quentin Tarantino ever decided to make a music video for a dance track, this one wouldn't be far off the mark. It is a tribute to classic exploitation films, complete with a mutated hottie and and Thriller-esque choreography. The video was actually directed by Eran Creevy who bestowed upon us the phenomenal Utah Saints - Something Good '08 music video.

Music Video
"Sonny J - Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand) "

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