Software: InternetDJ PolySynth VST 1.0 Released

You've heard the rumors; they are now confirmed. InternetDJ has published its first music software title. Download our first version of the InternetDJ PolySynth VST plugin right now for free.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Dec 11, 2004

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Constructed by professional synthesizer VST creators, InternetDJ along with AngularMomentum have published InternetDJ PolySynth 1.0. It is compatible with all major sequencing programs that support VST plugins. We are offering version 1.0 free of charge. Visit and add the Poly Synth to your shopping cart, check out (for free) and download it right away. We'll also keep you posted when Version 2.0 is released. You'll definitely want all the new features in the works.

  • 3 oscillators with sine, saw, pulse, ramp, white and pink noise
  • 3 ADSR envelope modules, octave and semi detune, pan and pulse width for each oscillator
  • 1 multi mode SV filter with overdrive
  • 1 BPM Synced LFO Oscillator with multiple routing options
  • Modulation and Velocity to Filter Env, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance and Pulse Width
  • Mode switch, monophony, polyphony and legato
  • Compatible with any host that fully supports VST2.0 standard
  • Easy installer/ de installer.
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