Skitz Mix 13- the future of classics

Nick Skitz, number 1 house DJ in Australia. For those who aren't in Australia we dont have any big name DJs or any Trance producers but we do have Nick Skitz.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Sep 10, 2002

His newest release is 13th in his major Cds, these CDs are jammed packed with great tunes and classic dance and house tracks.

the first CD has a 16 mintue megamix with a Funk-House trance feel with some great remixes of classics, such as Hot stuff, and Crazy 95'. this Cd is a killer for dancing and will hit the dancefloors hard.

the second CD is all the best and classic anthems with a supreme megamix. The rest of the tracks flow seamlessly with an ultimate groove, that will make the floors go wild.

Track listing-
A01 SM1 Megamix - Nick Skitz
A02 TRY ME OUT - Lee Marrow feat. Charme
A03 CAN'T STOP THE MOVIN' - Omnia Trio
A04 KEEP WARM - Jinny
A05 WE ARE EASY TO LOVE - Stefano Secchi feat. Taleesa
A06 YOUR LOVING ARMS - Martha Williams
A07 BITS & PIECES - Movin' Melodies pres. Artemesia (BK Remix)
A08 PUPUNANNY - Afrika Bambaataa
A10 CRAZY '95 - Daisy Dee
A11 EL GALLINERO - Ramirez
A12 SET YOU FREE - N-Trance
A13 FOREVER YOUNG - Interactive
A15 DON'T STOP - Cinols & Rollo
A16 HERE'S JOHNNY! - Hocus Pocus (Original Edit)
A17 EXCALIBUR - FCB feat. Nick Skitz
A18 SM1 Radio Mayhem - Nick Skitz
B01 Skitz Anthemz Megamix - Nick Skitz
B02 WHERE ARE YOU - Paffendorf (Radio Edit)
B03 THE FUNKINESS OF YOU - Chaah (Groove Gangsters Radio Edit)
B04 KLUBBHOPPING - Klubbheads (Klubbheads Radio Mix)
B05 ZOMBIE NATION - Kernkraft 400 (Live In Berlin)
B06 THE LAUNCH - DJ Jean (Radio Edit)
B07 SANDSTORM - Darude (Radio Edit)
B08 ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD - Diva Surprise (SM In Motion Mix)
B09 LET ME SHOW YOU - Camisra (Original Mix)
B10 IN MY EYES - Milk Inc (DJ Philip Remix)
B11 AMOK - 666 (Radio Mix)
B12 LUVSTRUCK - Southside Spinners (Marco V & Benjamin Radio Remix)
B13 KAZOO - Pomp (DJ Isaac Radio Edit)
B14 WELCOME TO TOMORROW - Miss Peppermint (Dance Radio Edit)
B15 BUMPIN' (Keep On Bumpin') - The Socaboys feat. Van B. King (Marco V & Benjamin Radio Edit)
B16 STOMP TO MY BEAT - JS:16 (Radio Edit)
B17 BROKEN BONES - Love Inc. (Magical Mystery Detour Edit)
B18 BLOW YA MIND! - Lock 'n' Load (Club Caviar Video Edit)
B19 THE ULTIMATE - Funky Choad Feat. Nick Skitz (Tall Paul Bassline Remix)
B20 ANTHEM #2 - Floorfilla (Groovegangster Remix)
B21 UP TO THE WILDSTYLE - Porn Kings Vs. DJ Supreme (Radio Edit)
B22 PHATT BASS - Warp Brothers Vs Aquagen (Warp Brothers Single Cut)

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