Single Alert: Eyerer & Chopstick To Release MAKE MY DAY

Get your hands on this hot biscuit that is already turning heads.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jul 14, 2007

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The electro house underground superstar occasional-pair, Eyerer & Chopstick, have collaborated on a number of cult classics such as GET ALIVE, TUCAN and earlier this year with HAUNTING. The dynamic duo are about to drop a formal re-cut of the instrumental HAUNTING titled MAKE MY DAY, this time featuring unrelenting vocals courtesy of Cassius frontman Phillipe Zdar.

Already with huge support from Pete Tong, MAKE MY DAY is set to become one of the biggest and widely appealing electronic singles of 2007. Take a listen to the Mashtronic Dub remix, it is astonishingly good and sets the tone for a new era of far-reaching vocal house.

"Make My Day (Haunting)"
Artist: Eyerer & Chopstick feat. Zdar
Format: 12"
Label: IO Music
Released: July 23, 2007
Part One:
1. Make My Day (Haunting) (Vocal Club Mix)
2. Make My Day (Haunting) (Isi-E Remix)
Part Two:
1. Make My Day (Haunting) (Mashtronic Remix)
2. Make My Day (Haunting) (Mashtronic Dub)

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