Sharam Jey To Release Latest Single MESSAGE 2 LOVE

Upfront remixes make for a great single pack.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Nov 16, 2007

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Sharam Jey will release "Message 2 Love", the fourth single from his album "4 Da Loverz" on December 3rd. His label, King Kong Records, have smacked together a solid remix pack that builds on the genius of Sharam's original.

Belgium-based artists, The Glimmers, concoct a stripped-back slice of pulsing modern disco, 26-year-old production prodigy Alex Metric serves up a beat-laden electroclash squall, the notorious LouLou Players deliver a seductively dark and suitably soulful re-interpretation, while Berlin-dwelling DJ Kaos transforms the track into a colossal electro free-for-all.

"Message 2 Love"
Artist: Sharam Jey
Label: King Kong Records
Released: December 3, 2007
1. Alex Metric Mix
2. The Glimmers Mix
3. Kaos Mix
4. Lou Lou Mix
5. Original
6. Original Dub

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