Sexy 80s Chicks Battle it Out for the 'Same Man'

Pete Tong says this is the single of 2006. What do YOU think?

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jun 15, 2006

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German dance music production duo Till West & DJ Delicious have created a booming anthem for Summer 2006 with 'Same Man'. Much to their credit, Pete Tong has played the track about a dozen times and made it one of his essential new tunes.

However, the track is not wholly original; it is based on an old New York Disco track from the 80s by the B Beat Girls.

Once again, the remix releases overshadow the original single. Sharam Jey's version lends the perfect proggy blend to an otherwise ho-hum track. Mark Simmons' take ain't bad either.

"Same Man"
Artist: Till West & DJ Delicious
Format: CD & 12" Single
Released: June 7, 2006
Label: Ministry of Sound
1. Same Man (Radio Edit)
2. Same Man (Mark Simmons Remix)
3. Same Man (Sharam Jey Remix)

Watch 'Same Man' Video:
{windows media}

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