Sasha and Digweed Best Mix Ever is Back

It's been ten years since Sasha & John Digweed released 'The Mix Collection'. They've reissued the 3CD pack in two formats. Details and samples here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Nov 24, 2004

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"Renaissance 1 - The Mix Collection" from Sasha & Digweed is widely considered the best mix album of all time. On its first release, it was the first club mix album to go gold. And why wouldn't it? It had the two world's most famous DJs, three CDs packed with the best tracks of the time, and superb, eye-catching packaging from this ingenious label. October 2004 was its ten year anniversary, it was re-released on November 8th 2004. It is available in the US early 2005. Renaissance has re-released the three CD pack in two formats, deluxe and special limited edition.

6-Track Sampler {MP3}
  1. Song for life-leftfield [lemon interupt mix]
  2. Song for life-leftfield [dub for life mix]
  3. Song for life-leftfield [steppin razor mix]
  4. For what you dream-bedrock [full on renaissance mix]
  5. Chronoclasm-rhythm invention
  6. De niro-disco evangelists [spaceflight remix]
  7. State of mind-memphisto [quite mix]
  8. V.o.a.t-moonchild [original mix]
  9. Perfect motion-sunscreem [boys own mix]
  10. Love & happiness-river ocean [junior boys own super dub]
  11. Keep on pressin' on-that kid chris [didn't i show you luv mix]
  12. Bladerunner 'til we meet again-remake/inner city [perkappella]
  13. House stompin'-bump [big bump mix]
  14. Child bride-f.machine [feedback max mix]
  15. Liberate-liberator
  1. Slide-fluke [pdf mix]
  2. Let's get this party started-funk machine [party mix]
  3. Slide (scat & frenzy)-fluke
  4. Trust-corrado [pink mix]
  5. Trance 1-dj mbg [oriental psyco estmix]
  6. Talk to me-hysterix [sasha's full master mix]
  7. Angel-annadin
  8. Mismoplastico-virtualmismo [dirtysyncomix]
  9. Mismoplastico-virtualmismo [original mix]
  10. Always-fishbone beat [psychedelic martini remix]
  11. Not over yet-state of grace [perfecto mix]
  12. She hold's the key-secret life [h.a.l.f. I'm a believer mix]
  13. Do you wanna know-funtopia [gut drum mix]
  14. Tranceillusion-v.f.r [original mix]
  15. Was that all it was-kym mazelle [def mix]
  1. Alright-urban soul [sasha remix]
  2. Go-moby [nightmare mix]
  3. Show some love-jaco [original dub]
  4. Little bullet-spooky [high velocity mix]
  5. Sublime-havana [dub]
  6. Another sleepless night-shawn christopher [bassman mix]
  7. Age of love-unity 3 [trance dub & fantasy mix]
  8. They're here-emf [d-ream dream]
  9. Solar plexus-solar plexus
  10. Ethic prayer-havana [euro mix]
  11. Bombscare-2 bad mice
  12. Age of love-age of love [watch out for stella mix]
  13. Its my pleasure-my friend sam feat. Viola wills [club mix]
  14. Dirty lemon-interupt
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