Sasha and Charlie May go Seal Clubbing with James Zabiela

Zabiela smacks up this Charlie May and Sasha stand-out single.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Oct 22, 2006

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Not exactly new on the block, 'Seal Clubbing' began life as a commission for a popular American TV series. It then found its way on Dave Seaman's Master Series compilation from March '06. Fans seemed to really like the track as part of the set.

Sasha's protege James Zabiela got first crack at a remix of this single. The result is a clean and crisp ride that incorporates changing bass lines, acid washes and the track’s original riff. According to PR, James' cut serviced as his recent tour set opener, having just completed the final version on his plane ride out.

"Seal Clubbing"
Artists: Charlie May vs. Sasha
Format: 12"
Released: November 7, 2006
Label: Reanaissance
1. "Seal Slubbing" (original mix)
2. "Seal Clubbing" (James Zabiela’s Seal Squeal Remix)

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