Sasha - Air Drawn Dagger Out Now

5 long years away from sitting down in the studio producing albums, the debut album by Sasha is what dance-a-holics have been waiting for. It has added a new sense of growth to dance.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Oct 7, 2002

This is an impressive album with songs from every dance genre. emotional, soothing, and uplifting the tracks produce an impressive feeling. One bad thing about it is too much ambience and DnB with atmospheric sounds and not enough hard trance. But the trance tracks are unbelievable with nice melodies and have unique sounds and samples in them.

Air drawn dagger will impress and also thrill the fans, it is recommended for all who love dance.

Track Listing
1. Dremples
2. Mr Tiddles
3. Magnetic North
4. Cloud Cuckoo
5. Immortal
6. Fundamental
7. Boileroom
8. Bloodlock
9. Requiem
10. Golden Arm
11. Wavey Gravy

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