Sander Has Everybody in NYC on NYE

Holland's Sander Kleinenberg has not only released a brand new two CD set entitled Renaissance Presents Everybody, he will also play in New York City on New Year's Eve. Find out what Sander has to say about it right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Oct 24, 2003

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It's official and confirmed, Sander will be playing in New York for New Year's Eve. Sander's says of this event, "This is amazing, New York on New Year's Eve has always been one of my dreams and now it came true, i'm very thrilled about doing this". InternetDJ will have more details as events unfold. Now onto his new album!

Renaissance is proud to present its brand new compilation project Everybody, which sees them hooking up with Sander Kleinenberg to showcase his fast rising, exciting, new party concept. Everybody has been taking Holland and, more recently, Ibiza by storm and has already featured guest spots from the likes of Sasha and Deep Dish. However, it is Sander himself who is the driving force behind the brand with his celebrated, extended sets and unique approach. Throw Renaissance into the mix and the result is a hybrid of the established and the new.

For samples and other stuff from the album, check out the Thrive Music website.
    Disc: 1
  1. The Intro - The Club
  2. Solaris Heights - Midnight
  3. Van Bellen & Greed - City Lights
  4. Nacho Serrano - Zamba
  5. Alvredo & Matthew Dekay - Symbiosys
  6. Indart Meets Plaza Crew - In Destiny (Juan Magan & Cesar Del Rio Mix)
  7. Monkz - Nu Bluez
  8. Coruja & Sandoval - Nativa
  9. Rock (Mein & Leeds) - Be As One
  10. Morjac featuring Raz Conway - Stars (Lee Cabrera Main Mix)
  11. Pig & Dan - Addiction
  12. Chable & Bonicci - Ride
  13. Matthew Dekay Band - Higher Thoughts
    Disc: 2
  1. Joakim - Come Into My Kitchen
  2. Seelenluft - Manilla (Ewan Pearson Remix)
  3. Nicolas Vallee - New New York
  4. Simon - Troubled Soul
  5. Undo/Redo - The Voyager
  6. Groovemates - Natural Sound
  7. Roland Klinkenberg Feat. Miss Bunty - Funk The Key Word
  8. D2 Feat. Dan Diamond - Therapy (Speedy’s Session)
  9. DJ Chab - My Memory (Romania Edit)
  10. Steve Porter - Definite Form
  11. Mick Burns - Corrective Tones
  12. Loway - Bags Of Grass (Reprise)
  13. Sander Kleinenberg - Repeat To Specify
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