Sabriska Releases WORK IT : Stream and Download for Free

The latest track from UK's Sabriska. On InterneDJ as a free download for a limited time. DJ's & Radio please play out!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Apr 19, 2016

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I asked IDJ producer Sabriska why he's allowing streaming and downloading of his latest song 'Work It'.

I came to the conclusion, after asking myself why do I write music? The simple answer being I just love doing it... and when a song's done there's the achievement buzz when people like it, so why not celebrate and share what I create, I want people to enjoy it? If I'm going to release this on a zero budget, then I'm likely to sell/stream none, and that really is pointless!

The second side to that is it works as it's own promo tool, it all helps to get the track out there... hoping to draw attention to it and this really is a numbers game, I want the track to filter out to everywhere I can, especially DJ's! With a song like this, it's the radio airplay and possible sync on tv that would generate any chunky revenue, so I make sure the track is registered correctly with Copyright ownership and publishing. I will release it in a couple of months time probably, that makes it more findable/recognisable if I've been lucky enough to create a buzz.

If it started to accelerate, especially in the event of decent size radio play, I can always turn the downloads off and remove it from streaming.

My last track here on InternetDJ 'RU Comin Out 2 Play?' managed 3 weeks at number 1, again with allowed free downloads. It got me two remixes for other artists and is now switched to streaming only and about to be released. I've been to work today, earned my money and not dream't about getting rich from making music.. Nice... what a relief.

Sabriska - Work It


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