Royksopp. Junior. The Three Year Wait is Over.

Installment #3 from the mind benders is out, complete with a smashing new video.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Apr 4, 2009

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Royksopp - Happy Up Here
Apr 3, 2009

Röyksopp's third and latest album is called "Junior" and was released on March 23rd, 2009 on Astralwerks. It follows the 2006 album "The Understanding" and 2001's greatest "Melody A.M."

Straight house, laid-back grooves, and funky masterpieces. That's what you'd expect from a new Röyksopp album, and they certainly have not disappointed. Torbjorn and Svein spent about a year in the "kitchen" carefully crafting these tasty treats making sure they had just enough for everyone's tastes. Perhaps not as intellectually jarring as your first listen to Melody A.M., but a fine continuation of their unusual art nonetheless.

The true pop/cross-over prize is Happy Up Here. A funky headtrip harkening back to the days of Eple, Happy melts over you like a warm drop of sunshine. The video is also something of a marvel; a futuristic, almost-touchable, world invaded by Atari space aliens defended by a retro-fitted taxi cab. The track is so damn catchy, I fear I might wear it out quickly via repeats. Röyksopp Forever is also an inspired journey, close to perfection and deserving of close attention.

Junior Tracklisting
1. Happy Up Here
2. The Girl And The Robot
3. Vision One
4. This Must Be It
5. Röyksopp Forever
6. Miss It So Much
7. Tricky Tricky
8. You Don't Have A Clue
9. Silver Cruiser
10. True To Life
11. It's What I Want

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