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Nine out of ten rating on this album. Read the full review by legendary internetdj member, Roygan van Almond.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Dec 22, 2003

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Compiled locally, EEM01 is a collection of electronic tunes that massage the edges of electronic into the experimental. 13 songs with contributions from some of the best and most emotionally expressive music artists from both Australia and around the world. Tracks are mostly in the form of ambient sounds and effects, more like layered, synesthesic soundscapes than songs. As suggested by the title, these tracks were selected for the emotional response they elicit - in this case the pervading feeling is subdued sorrow.

"New york City" in particular conveys a sonic loneliness with its quietly eerie inflections. Glimpses of hope with Pretty Boy Crossover's "Some Summer Later" and the wonderfully blithe piano of "Seconds with Simon", but overall the tone is subtly omnious. Tracks like "Salarte" and "4DB" defy categorisation and will challenge some listeners, being composites of samples and noises rather than linear songs. Having said all the above, emotion and music are completely subjective, abstract ideas, and the way this CD will effect you is entirely up to personal Interpretation.

1. ben businovski - displacement
2. lackluster - 02/12/02
3. sirc - through the ringer
4. airliner SRS - -13.5C
5. sarokin - new york city
6. pretty boy cross over - some summer later
7. tim koch - salarte
8. tim jackiw - reflection detail
9. adam raisbeck - 4DB
10. secede - seconds with simon
11. vim - preparing for the future (extended)
12. eric skogen - scratchy
toby1 - european

Rating : 9/10
Format: CD Album
Genre: Electronic
Released: Mon 1 Sep 2003

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