Roger Waters Reunites with Pink Floyd for Live 8

Bob Geldof's LIVE 8 is turning out miracles already. Pink Floyd will reunite after almost 25 years with co-founder Roger Waters in London on July 2nd 2005.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jun 13, 2005

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In 1981, Roger Waters and David Gilmour fought for control over the destiny of Pink Floyd. Waters left the group and unsuccessfully sued the members for rights to the band's name. Since then, guitarist-vocalist Gilmour, keyboard player Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mason have released albums and toured as Pink Floyd. The Hyde Park show of the Live 8 event will mark the first reunion of the classic Pink Floyd with Waters.

Those of you who remember Pink Floyd's rock opera, The Wall, will recall that Bob Geldof starred in this cult classic.

Said Gilmour of this event, "Like most people I want to do everything I can to persuade the G8 leaders to make huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increased aid to the third world. It's crazy that America gives such a paltry percentage of its GNP to the starving nations. Any squabbles Roger and the band have had in the past are so petty in this context, and if reforming for this concert will help focus attention then it's got to be worthwhile."

Said Waters, "It's great to be asked to help Bob raise public awareness on the issues of third world debt and poverty. The cynics will scoff, screw 'em! Also, to be given the opportunity to put the band back together, even if it's only for a few numbers is a big bonus."

Although fans are ecstatic over this news, no world tour will follow. More than likely, this will be the last time these people will ever be on stage as Pink Floyd.

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