Roger Sanchez Announces North American Tour Dates

The S-Man tours NA in November.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Oct 10, 2006

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Now is your chance to catch Roger Sanchez during his November 2006 North American Tour. Mr. Sanchez is on tour promoting his latest artist album, "Come With Me" with thirteen scheduled appearances. Roger is a quintuple-threat making great strides as a Producer, DJ, fashion designer, film actor (or so I've been told), and radio show host.

Roger also has quite a solid radio show on KTU and Element Radio with "Release Yourself". Millions of listeners have tuned in thus far.

Tour Dates
11/2 Thursday - Newport Beach, CA @ Tentation Ultra Lounge
11/3 Friday - San Diego, CA @ Belo
11/4 Saturday - Los Angeles, CA @ Vanguard*
11/5 Sunday - Vancouver, CAN @ Stanley Park Pavilion
11/11 Saturday - Miami, FL @ Bang! Festival
11/14 Tuesday - Quebec City, CAN @ Dagobert
11/15 Wednesday - Ottowa, CAN @ Heaven
11/16 Thursday - Dallas, TX @ Tunnel
11/17 Friday - Detroit, MI @ Bleu
11/18 Saturday - Las Vegas, NV @ ICE
11/21 Tuesday - Boston, MA @ Underbar
11/22 Wednesday - New Jersey @ Deko
11/25 Saturday - NYC, NY @ Crobar*

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