Robbie Rivera to Release Juicy Ibiza 2009

Top mix from one of the long time masters.

Posted Press on Thu Jul 16, 2009

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American house pioneer, acclaimed producer/DJ and highly appreciated remixer Robbie Rivera can consider himself the proud owner of one of the most extended discographies in the history of dance. Being active as a producer since 1996, his impressive list of productions and remixes is still rapidly expanding. As of today he may add “Juicy Ibiza 2009” compilation to the list of achievements, released by his label Juicy Music in collaboration with Dutch label Black Hole Recordings.

What makes one DJ more prevalent than another? Is it the evolution into a producer? Or the risk of becoming a renowned artist? American phenomenon Robbie Rivera can label himself a successful fusion of both a good DJ and a successful producer, in a scene where mastering both qualities is a rare phenomenon. Robbie Rivera is a hybrid of being a high spirited performer with a stuffed agenda, preferably playing a steaming club to preach his sexy grooves, and an unashamed workaholic who works around the clock when producing in his studio.

The world’s top artists queue up to have the Miami bred Robbie Rivera put his sound to their tracks. Reading the list of artists he remixed is like reading the VIP list of any international music award ceremony. Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Faithless, Moloko, David Guetta, Pink, Bob Sinclar, Ricky Martin and many others are strongly demanding Robbie Rivera’s remix work who already gratefully used his unique remixing abilities in his distinctive approach, which he prefers to describe as sexy pounding dirty electro tinged house.

This unique sound is now translated onto a steaming double CD named Juicy Ibiza 2009, a mixed compilation carrying the name of his weekly Juicy Ibiza Tuesdays held in the world’s biggest club; Privilege in Ibiza. With tracks by a.o. Deadmau5, Joachim Garraud, John Dahlbäck, Kimito Lopez and exclusive tracks by Robbie Rivera himself, Robbie Rivera delivered a track list which is a relentless joy for the ear. Robbie Rivera shows on Juicy Ibiza 2009 he’s not to be pigeonholed in only one single genre with his musical vision at one hand, and at the other hand bringing the Privilege Juicy Ibiza events straight into your own living room.

The compilation has reached an astonishing 6th position in the American Album Top 100, just after one single day (!) being available in stores. Robbie Rivera - Juicy Ibiza 2009 is worldwide released by Black Hole Recordings and available in stores now.

Robbie Rivera – Juicy 2009 Ibiza
Disc 1:
01. Joachim Gerraud & CB Lyon feat. Margeau - The Answer
02. Jaimy & Kenny D. - Keep On Touchin’ Me (Filthy Rich & James Fitch ‘Face Off’ Mix)
03. Micah ‘N’ Schmitz feat. Aubrey - Rush (Jonas Steur Mix)
04. The Rivera Project - Sax Heaven (Robbie Rivera Juicy Ibiza Mix)
05. Ivan Robles & Damian Fernandez - Forget It (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix)
06. Dean Newton - Amnesia (Belocca Mix)
07. Kimito Lopez - Arabian Queen (Emilio Fernandez Remix)
08. Dero - Dero’s Rave
09. DMS12 - El Vigilante (Robbie Rivera Mix)
10. Robbie Rivera - Escape (Jochem Pash & Norm Mix)
11. Cor Fijneman - 4 Minutes 2 Late
12. Robbie Rivera - Arrival

Disc 2:
01. Dero & Rivera - Batucada (Dero & Robbie Rivera Mix)
02. Venus Kaly - Mon Amour (Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Ibiza Mix)
03. Alkatraz - Rubble And Dust
04. Santiago Cortes feat. Samantha Fox - Touch Me (John Dahlback Mix)
05. Taurus & Vaggeli - Hello Ibiza (Original Mix)
06. Paul Bigham - Superfreak (DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff Mix)
07. Juan Dlaz & Jorge Montia - Soundcheck (Tony Puccio Mix)
08. The Rivera Project - Zandoonga (Original Mix)
09. Robbie Rivera - New Direction (Manuel De La Mare Mix)
10. Keven Maroda - Gotta Have House (Jorgensen Mix)
11. Deadmau5 -Clockwork (Helvetic Nerds Mix)
12. Robbie Rivera - Be Near (Maurizio Gubellini Mix)

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