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Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Dec 19, 2002

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Which is the first Club where have you been worked?
The first club in which I have played has been the Mirage in 1979, a very small club in Rimini centre, where I organized some parties for students on Saturdays afternoon.

Which is your preferred club and why?
At the moment itís Club Stereo at Montreal, the dream that comes true for every dj, open 12 hours, with the best sound system of the world and a great console like a mini apartment with every kind of possible comfort for a dj that has to play for a lot of time, a little bit like the style of the legendary Paradise Garage, a club to which the founder, Angel Moraes, has totally inhaled.

Which music do you play and do you feel more yours?
Basically every track that can be danced and suited for my personal taste, I know that with this I have said both everything and nothing, but it goes really like this.

Your longer set?
7/8 hours to the Club Stereo.

Which is the best dj set that you have ever heard?
I have heard many and different dj sets during the years and it would be really hard to say which was the best, I could list some djs that have surely left a sign in my heart: Kid Batchelor, Cirillo, Flavio Vecchi, Tony Humphries, Danny Tenaglia, Mozart & Rubens, Dave Piccioni, Carl Cox, Sander Kleinenberg, Dave Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Ralf and naturally the master of all of us Mr. Larry Levan, even if for him obviously only on tapes and ampexs.

Which is the best way for being regenerated himself/herself/themselves after an evening?
Sex, little darlings and a good sleep.

What do you listen at 8 in the morning?
Drum and bass.

Do you think that in Italy Clubs will last other 10 years?
Troubles if it were not this way.

When you are not busy to the console where do we find you?
In my country house to play with my daughter or in garden with a good book, or in study with my sweet "half" Davide Ruberto.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I hope in this world to make more or less the things that I do now.

How have you decided to become a dj?
Simply being with my nose attached to Mozartís console at Angelsí Bay.

Describe your perfect weekend.
Take the airplane with my love and some friends to go to play we can say at London, the day after take back the airplane to go to Ibiza to play and even to stay for few days to relax.

How much is it important for a dj to become a producer?
A lot but not fundamental, itís important if it is a felt thing and it certainly helps to understand better the music and to make to be known at international level.

What do you think records market crisis is owed to?
Surely to the possibility of download free on the net a lot of products that are in circulation, but also to the scarce quality that products have sometimes and here I generally refer mostly to dance music.

What do you think that success is?
Maybe itís the recognition from the public to the love that an artist puts in his job.

How do you take care of your professional image?
Unfortunately I am not a great administrator of my professional image.

The figure of the dj looks like more always to a rock star, do you agree?
I would say that we are a little bit away from rockstars, we are surely more approachable.

How do you choose the music you play?
Exclusively according to my taste, I think thatís fundamental.

Does club culture exist?
It should exist.

Do you think that in this moment is there a crisis in club sector?
Tell me a sector that is not in crisis!!!

Do Italian clubs have to envy anything from European ones?
More than to envy they should learn some things that abroad are more considered, as sound system, no vocalist, great events.

What do you think about Italian house productions?
Generally unremarkable.

"I Am A Dj I Am What I Play", is the refrain of an old disk of David Bowie: Do you recognize yourself in these words?
Totally, the master had already understood everything a long time ago without being a dj and in times when the art and the profession of djing were not really recognized, I am a dj and I am what I play.

Which are the producers that do you feel more neighbours to your style?
Davide Ruberto and Ricky Montanari, with this I don't want to say that we are unique in our style, but we try to be the most personal possible.

How do you think the sound will be directed in the next months?
It has never been really a thing to which I think seriously.

In what percentage electronic music is present in one of your set?
50 per cent.

What kind of relationship do you have with Azuli Records?
Of management and in general of friendship and trust.

Vertigo in London is a club that often sees you protagonist to the console. What type of sound do you propose during your gig?
The sound that I generally do when I play in a club that I love and that responds to what I propose, a little bit hard, a little bit vocal, a little bit electronic, some old track and some surprise.

Do exist some tracks that have meant a significant moment in your career?
If there were not frequently it would be a great trouble.

Is still Riccione a model for Italian nightclubbing?
At the moment I would not really say it, there have been better years, even if I think that Liz, ex Echoes is still trying to do it.

Which is your perfect club? Or better, how has to be your ideal club?
To this question I think to have answered at the beginning when I spoke of Club Stereo at Montreal.

Which are your interests over the music?
Literature, cinema, travels and Juve.

Where do you buy records?
All over the world.

Do you think that vinyl will still live for a long time?
I don't believe it.

How is changed, if it has been changed, the way of mixing since 15 years to now?
Not so much, only more technology, different supports.

Is there any space today for new djs in clubbing jungle?
I have always thought that if one has the qualities sooner or later it comes out.

Which will be next summer hits?
My productions, I hope! Ah ah ah.

Do you have planned some remixes or productions for the winter?
A lot.

Three adjectives to describe you.
Honest (to the limit of "asshole"), generous, sensible.

"Hi Internet Dj dot COM!" -Ricky

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