RIAA Deletes Brains of Reuters and CNN

In an effort to brainwash the reading public, CNN published an irresponsible article from Reuters recently which could have very well been written directly by the RIAA. Read up and comment right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Nov 6, 2003

Perhaps its old school mentality, but aren't journalists supposed to have more than one source when making outrageous claims? CNN published an article today from Reuters entitled "Study: Millions delete all music files". Read it here.

Let's start by stating the obvious, there are no authors or editors attributed to this story. Now this usually means that a number of people worked on the story, and it was combined into this abortion of a report. However, it is very convenient that there are no publicly available necks to hang on such a one-sided story.

NPD Group is a legitimate sales and marketing information company that specializes in point-of-sale surveys. NPD Group is useful for finding out about buying trends for video games, movies, and lots of other things. My first question, is how they actually performed this survey? Did they physically log into each and every respondent's machine and see if the actually deleted songs? Or maybe just moved them out of their shared public folder?

With the RIAA suing the public left and right, I find it hard to believe that music swappers would disclose the details of their music library. Not to mention leaving their public folders available on networks which are known RIAA hangouts.

Is the NPD Group using spyware to illegally glimpse what we have on our private computers? For that seems to be the only way a 3rd party group could have any thoughtful insight.

Reuters and CNN seem to be bowing to the whims of the RIAA, catching on the sensationalism goaded by the riches of the Music Industry. Responsible journalism has gone out the window, and the media has now fully endorsed the scare-tactics brought on by the RIAA.

On the other hand, InternetDJ's Music Library is ripe with excellent, RIAA-FREE music for all to download and share. Why not switch to an open music library? We've certainly had enough.

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