Review: Tiesto's Website Launches with Live Show

Even though its been up for some time, the former #1 DJ in the world, Tiesto, decided to use his December 3rd concert at the Heiniken Music Hall to launch his renewed website.

Posted by whiteraven on Thu Dec 15, 2005

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Tiesto showed his humanitarian side by making arrangements for the concert to be streamed live around the world for free, courtesy of Planet Internet and the Heiniken Music Hall. The streaming live feed began at 10pm CET and finished at 7am CET the next morning.

DJ Ton T.B. who opened for Tiesto, demonstrated that he didn’t really know how to mix. While he had good track selection, the transitions in his set were as rocky as a gravel road. In contrast, DJ Phynn, another Black Hole Recording Artist, demonstrated much more skill behind the decks as he closed the night down with a wild set!

Tiesto himself took the decks at 12:15 am officially and the concert went straight into overdrive! Despite the fact that the set started 15 minutes late, Tiesto blew the crowd away the moment he took command of the decks. Even via the live feed, you could tell when Tiesto took over the decks due to the deafening roar of the crowd and the screen change from the waiting screen to the slide show of Tiesto pictures and related images. The appearance of the well recognized Magik Muzik crest told listeners that the man himself was behind the decks. Even though the live stream kept rebuffering an periodically had to reconnect, the concert was pure heaven through and through.

During Tiesto’s set, many of the members of the forums gathered in a special forum to chat and party. One of the forum members was keeping a playlist which turned out to be a saving grace as most of the track Tiesto played were brand new. Though the concert consisted of a lot of new material, a few favorites such as “Moments”, “Like a Waterfall”, and “La Noche” managed to find their way into the wild six hour set. A surefire crowd and forum pleaser was “Flight 643”, which really caused the party to ‘take off’!

Tiesto’s set ran from 12:15 to 6 am and was one long joyride for the senses. At one point during his set, Tiesto made a spectacular recovery! He had put on “Existence”- by Ekon, mixed it in and then it skipped! Rather than have it skip forever, he pressed stop, and then recovered with a long track which he obviously had to pull out of his bag. It was a spectacular recovery none the less. Overall the whole set was insanely wild! It was enough to make anyone who was listening in via the live feed, think that they were there partying with the man himself.

This was my first time ever experiencing Tiesto live and in all honesty it was the most wonderful night of my life. The whole concert was totally epic. Personally I loved this concert. I think that Tiesto really showed his humanitarian side in streaming the concert live and for free so that all his fans could join in the fun with him. Now that in my opinion is a celebrity. He is so famous and yet he recognizes that not everyone can attend the concert for various reasons so he decided to take the concert to them instead. Thanks Tiesto for a wild night!

Track List *Note: Tracks that have the term ID beside them are tracks to which the titles were not known.*: 01. Peres & Petersky - Hello Ladies; 02. Prawler – Marrakech; 03. Markus Schulz - First Time;04. Arcane - Blue Circles; 05. Kalafut & Fygle - Novocaine (Mark Otten Remix); 06. ID (vocal); 07. Portishead - Roads (Sultan & Tonedepth Remix - Edit); 08. Pryda - The Gift; 09. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel Remix); 10. Coca & Villa - La Noche; 11. Joris Voorn – Incident; 12. ID;13. Sasha - Belfunk (Matthew Dekay Remix); 14. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix); 15. ID # 14 Duplex (20-11-05); 16. Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life; 17. ID (vocal); 18. Solar Stone - Like A Waterfall (ISOS Edit); 19. Jam & Spoon - Find Me; 20. Kosmas Epsilon - Innocent Thoughts; 21. Funabashi – Daylight; 22. Super8 vs. DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin'; 23. ID; 24. Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Super8 Deep Mix); 25. Factoria - Kissed By An Angel (DST-7 Remix); 26. ID; 27. Scott Mac - Damager 02 (Mac Zimms Remix); 28. Mark Norman - Brasilia (Phantom Edit); 29. Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down; 30. ID # 15 Crobar; 31. Purple Haze – Eden; 32. James Holden – Horizons; 33. ATB - Let U Go (E-Craig Remix); 34. Nautical Imagery - Distant Dreams (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix); 35. Will Holland - Timeless (Deepwide Remix); 36. Interstate - Remember Me (Terry Bones Remix); 37. Inertia - The Chamber; 38. Headstrong - Close Your Eyes (Andy Moor Remix); 39. Marksun & Brian - Gran Rey; 40. Sinead O Connor - Troy (Push Remix); 41. Peetu S - A Bigger Place (Dub.); 42. Mark Norman – Touchdown; 43. DJ Tiesto - Flight 643; 44. Bart Claessen - Playmo (1st Play); 45. Ekon – Skywalker; 46. Duende – Ilimitado; 47. Ekon – Existence; 48. ID; 49. Aalto – Resolution; 50. Alfa – Sacrosanct; 51. ID; 52. Ronski Speed with Stoneface & Terminal - Incognition (Club Mix); 53. ID; 54. ID vocal 'got to hold on'; 55. Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World; 56. Preach - My World; 57. Preach - Broken

Artist: Tiesto with Ton T.B and Phynn
Venue: Heiniken Music Hall, Amsterdam
Date: Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

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