Review: A Healthy Dose of Chakras from Brazil to Berlin

If you're looking to bob your head to some good music, check this out.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Oct 28, 2006

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A unique blend of brazilian flavor with the latest German techno can be found on this double CD mix set, "Chakras: From Brazil To Berlin". Not usually my flavor, the first disc introduces sounds of World, Lounge, Bossa and House; I found the tracks entertaining, but definitely not suited to my traditional tech/proggy house tastes.

For me, the action is on CD2. Exceptional mixing from Chris Wood and Toni Rios here. It starts up rather mnml and moody, but explodes with some fresh tech-house via 'Mad Racket Samins Low Down Mix'; solid single there. The second CD builds nicely to with two more stand-out tracks 'Tresspass 06' by Booka Shade and '7.19 FM David' by Mathew Jonson. Chris Wood's 'Mellowtron' closes off this mix on a high note.

"Chakras: From Brazil to Berlin"
Mixed By: DJourney, Chris Wood and Toni Rios
Format: 2xCD
Released: December 2006
Label: Azul Music
CD1: DIA – Djourney
1. Rosalia de Souza – Mais
2. S-Tone Inc – Rendez-Vous a Minuit
3. Wicked Lestor – Chocolate
4. Grasskirt – ‘On My Own’
5. Federico Aubele – Postales
6. Jaadu (Magic) – 'Ustad’ (Sultan Khan Mixes)
7. Cantoma – ‘Marisi’
8. Grasskirt – Joy Suis Jamais Alle
9. What Have the Bells – Ganga’
10. Matthew Herbert – Its Only’
11. Frontera – Rouge
12. Chorus of Flames – Dinning Rooms
13. Gotan Project – Triptico
14. Booka Shade – Vertigo
CD2: NOITE – Chris Wood & Toni Rios
1. Dettman & Klock – Dawning
2. Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig mix)
3. Isolee – Cite Grande Terre (Terre Luciano Mix)
4. Magnetic Base Presents Mad Racket Samins Low Down Mix
5. Nasty & Tresher – Black Sorcery
6. Renato Figoli – Ocho al Puma
7. Booka Shade – Trespass O6
8. Pascal Feos – Tanzbombe (Rogab Whrume Mix)
9. Mathew Jonson – 7.19 FM David
10. Eyer & Rios – Liberacion
11. Chris Wood – Mellowtron

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