Revelation Crew's First Performance Is A Blast

On Saturday night, Revelation Crew performed for the first time in front of a live audience.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Nov 18, 2002

There were a few butterfiles in their stomachs, but nevertheless, the Crew performed their version of "In The End" which will NOT be performed in any of the CDs. Another song they performed was D.A.D. (or Dream Another Dream), featuring the voice of their lyricist Cassia.

"People were jumpin, bouncin, you name it," was what the comment DJ Lazarus, lead DJ of the team, had after the show.

Among all the joy and bouncin, there also came a time to remember and learn, when DJ Lazarus got up and talked about some of the lessons in life he had learned. With that speech, many people were moved, and the night ended on a positive note. Overall the night was a success, and Revelation Crew can't wait for their next performance in December of 2002.

Article Courtesy of: Liz - Revelation Crew Journalist

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