REMIX TIME! Competition Voting Booth Opens

The voting booth is now open for the 2004 remix competition sponsored by Sennheiser. Our judges have narrowed down the field from over 50 to the top 10. Lots of surprises in this year's list.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Sep 23, 2004

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Many thanks to Kjo* from Sennheiser for helping judge all the entries and narrowing down the field to the Top 10. We had more than 50 remix entries uploaded this year. This is more than triple the entries from last year and we hope to make it even bigger next year with a surprise artist already in the works.

Many thanks also go to those contestants who did not make the cut, I know I'm surprised by who is on the Top 10 and who isn't. As the cut was performed anonymously and by people who have no personal relationship with InternetDJ, favortism was not a factor.

That having been said, its now time to listen to the finalists and start your voting engines.

To the Voting Booth!

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