REMIX TIME! Competition Begins with Farace and $250 Music Prize

We begin the season of competition with a shot at remixing an original track from FarAce Music titled 'Back From The Break'. Grand Prize: $250 gift cert to!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Mar 15, 2007

Music News
What is it?
It's our 4th annual (sort of...) Remix Competition! Download the sample pack below and re-rub it into something completely unique. This year, FaraceMusic has contributed the source sample pack for their release "Back From The Break" by Don Levi (aka Farace). Farace is a long-time member of InternetDJ, indie label owner, remixer producer and DJ. He's uploaded dozens of songs to InternetDJ under the profiles Farace and FaraceMusic. Farace, himself, has DJ'd all over southeast US and is an underground movementarian within the Florida Breaks scene.

The Rules
InternetDJ members have until Midnight Friday April 19th 2007 (ET) to download the sound pack, remix into a new song and upload it on this page to InternetDJ. After April 19th, the upload function will be closed and shortly thereafter the remixes will be filtered for garbage and presented in the InternetDJ Voting Booth.

The Voting Process and Prizes
InternetDJ members and visitors are welcome to vote on all the uploaded tracks. The top three voted tracks are then delivered to Farace, who will then select the winning order. The winner will receive a prize pack from InternetDJ including a $250 gift certificate to and copies of FaraceMusic Vinyl releases of FAM001 and FAM002.

Get Going
1: Listen to 'Back from the Break'.

2: Download the sample pack for "Back from the Break" here (31MB).

3: Finally, upload your finished remix (in MP3 format) to InternetDJ:
Uploading is now closed for this competition! But the Voting Booth is now open!

4: The competition and uploading arena ends at Midnight April 19, 2007 NYC Time. The voting process will begin shortly thereafter.

Tips and Guidelines
Genres - This remix competition is not genre specific, remix the track in any style you want.
Samples - We will be looking for clever usage of the samples given. What we don't want is to hear a completly different track that barely uses any of the original samples. Remember you are remixing this track so it needs to somewhat resemble the original.
Vocals - Although not completely compulsory to the remix we will be looking favourably at tracks that incorporate a vocal element and/or a variation of the original vocal samples, so get creative.
Length - Try to keep the track between 3 - 6 minutes.
Usage - Usage of these samples and of your completed track are for this competition and this competition only. You are not allowed to use the sound samples in your own productions. You are not allowed to license your remix in any way (label, movie, online site etc.) You are not allowed to publish your remix on any sound carrier (CD, vinyl, website, tape etc.) You are not allowed to sell the sound samples of this remix kit. You are not allowed to distribute the sound samples of this remix kit. And finally you are not allowed to publish this remix to the internet anywhere other than this remix submission page on that includes posting it to your artist profile page, such uploads will be rejected.

Have Fun!

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