Rave Act Heats Up in the U.S. This Summer

The National Dance and Music Rights Alliance will hold a festival and protest at the US Capitol on September 18, 2004 to demonstrate against the US Government's attack on the music industry and infringement of our civil rights with new laws like the RAVE Act.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jul 8, 2004

Last year Congress passed the ill-conceived RAVE Act. This year Congress is considering 2 laws; the CLEAN-UP Act (HR 834) and the so-called "Ecstasy Awareness Act" (HR 2962). These draconian and radical proposals stand as major threats to everyone who loves live and electronic music. these new laws are enacted, it will impose fines and jail time of up to 2 million dollars and 20 years for music event promoters and venue owners and increased harassment of patrons.

ROAR!, in cooperation with the music industry, civil liberty organizations, and similar grass-roots activists, will bring thousands to the US Capitol on September 18th to demonstrate against this continuing assault on the music community. Show your Representative and Senators that the youth of today will not tolerate these affronts. We will display the force of the movement through performances by international headlining talent, speakers from major industry groups and politically influential organizations.

ROAR! is a national organization dedicated to fighting government threats to the electronic and live music community. ROAR! educates the public and influences the course of national legislation with the goal of advancing the freedom to gather, dance, listen to, perform and promote music in a public setting. We seek to preserve the livelihood of all those associated with the music industry, the vibrant culture of those who participate, and civil liberties for all Americans.

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