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Posted by Adrenaline on Fri Mar 9, 2007

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Call the paramedics --- the first words I said to my missus once receiving Putumayo’s latest addition to the clan… going by their slogan on the cd itself, “Guaranteed to make you feel good!” – it did, crisis partially over…

If you are like myself, keeping up to date with all the flavours that the Putumayo label empire has put forward, you will NOT be disappointed with their latest and greatest! O, and their 9th massive release from Putumayo Grooves with a domain totaling over 1million copies sold! "A New Groove", captivates and breaks niche. From the label that has brought you several 'world music' compilations, the latest addition to the family speaks for itself.

A New groove encompasses a variety of ‘groove’, and after listening to this compilation quite a few times, the feeling of relaxation and chill-out came to thought. This is not your average world music album that sounds like elevator music! Denmark based - EMO’s track ‘In the back of the car’ – a jazzy feeling with soulful vocals. USA based - Bitter:Sweet’s masterpiece, ‘Dirty Laundry’ – With unique breakdowns and a naughty feeling vocal which makes me want to leave my laundry dirtayyy! Puerto Rico raised Gabriel Rios piece ‘Unrock’ a mixture of jazz/salsa flavour with an awesome trombone riff catchy as can be rocks my world. Moving along to track 9 (as I wouldn’t want to spoil the album for everyone); representing France, Jehro’s Caribbean influenced track with a wicked guitar that brings in a whole element of mixed cultures in his masterpiece ‘Everything’ is addictive, definitely one of the mint works on the album.

Strap yourselves in the seat as 'A New Groove' literally takes you for a joyride, and with its variety of easy going and on earth flavours, its no wonder why Putumayo Grooves is as successful as can be!

Putumayo Presents: A New Groove
Artists: Various
Released: 3/12/2007
Label: Putumayo World Music
1. Emo – In the Back of the Car
2. Bitter:Sweet – Dirty Laundry
3. Gabriel Rios – Unrock
4. The Cat Empire – The Lost Song
5. Alice Russell – High Up on the Book
6. K-Os – Crabbuckit
7. Linn & Freddie – L.I.N.N.
8. Radio Citizen featuring. Bajka – The Hop
9. Jehro – Everything
10. Thievery Corporation – Until the Morning (Rewound by Kid Loco)

IDJ EXCLUSIVE :: The VIP Interview
10 minutes with Malice. InternetDJ.com welcomes Mary Alice Grant (aka. Malice), A&R for Putumayo Grooves to the podium.

1. How long have you been in the Music Industry & how did you come to Putumayo World Music?
I started out in college radio, serving as Urban Director for WOZQ 91.9 FM in Northampton, and hosting shows on WMUA 90.9 in Amherst and WTCC 90.7 in Springfield. Throughout college, I was working at a record store and interning with a local marketing and promotions firm who gave me the opportunity to stay on after graduation and get my feet wet, running a record pool, doing local promotion set-ups and tastemaking, driving visiting artists around, you know … all the really glamorous stuff!  When I moved to New York, I’d actually decided not to work in music anymore, and made a little bit of headway into marketing for film and TV… but I couldn’t stay away. I came to Putumayo in 2003, starting out as a salesperson in the Alternative division – you know, phone glued to your ear kind of thing.

2. How would you define world music?
Is this still considered a loaded question? When I was doing some ethnomusicology study in college, this was such a hot issue. I still read bits and pieces here and there, but it seems the furor has died down some. For me, world music has never been about a location or a sound. It has always been defined by what an individual’s context is for experiencing music. For some, the world is anything beyond their backyard and, for others, it’s all that AND the backyard ….

3. Where do you begin with a compilation?
It really depends on the compilation. Sometimes we pick the theme first and find music that fits the theme, or we'll pick a country, a genre or style, so on and so forth. Sometimes we have a selection of songs that we've uncovered during our constant research that all fit together in some way, and we'll create the compilation for it. For A New Groove, though, we found one song that everyone really liked a lot and decided to build a compilation of tracks that had the same or a similar vibe.

4. How did “A New Groove” come into fruition?
We have listening sessions in the office, where employees get to hear and vote on music being considered for upcoming releases. The founder of Putumayo played this one song, prefacing it with the idea that it was a new sound for him, but he really liked it, and what did we think we could do with it? Then he put on Emo’s “In the Back of the Car.” I was really taken aback because I had just bought the 12” while on a business trip in Amsterdam. I let him know that I had tons of stuff along the same lines and started bringing it in by the crate loads. But because A New Groove was a departure from even our previous Groove releases, it took a while for the theme and flow of the album to take shape and sink in.

5. Can you explain the difference between Putumayo Grooves and Putumayo World Music?
The basis for almost all music featured on Putumayo compilations is that it’s roots-based, accessible and makes you feel good. Putumayo Grooves is like Putumayo Remixed – we take the formula and throw in the additional elements of electronic production, cutting edge sounds, DJs, remixers, the whole lot …. The Grooves brand is a hipper, more contemporary look at world music.

6. How did Putumayo Grooves come into existence?
Ahhh … that was actually before my time here at the label, but the first Grooves release was Arabic Groove, which seemed to come out at just the right moment. Sonically, the music was such a departure from anything on previous releases that they branded it Groove. Arabic Groove jumped off the shelves and remains a really strong seller after 6 years. Subsequent releases followed suit …

7. Are there any artists out there in the world music scene producing awesome tracks, with little or no recognition/exposure that can do with your referral?
There’s not enough room on this site to list them all!!! Hmmm… I thought Keziah Jones’ last album deserved a lot more attention than it got, and I’m really liking the stuff I’m hearing from DJ Angola and Dois Irmãos.

8. I remember reading an interview with Moby who is featured on one of your compilations, saying something to the effect that he thinks music is heading towards a kind of hybridization, wherein different musical styles are kind of meshed together producing something new...whether consciously or unconsciously. This isn't a new idea at all, but I'm curious if this idea somehow fits into the Putumayo Grooves series, which seems to highlight some of these juxtapositions between electronica and world music?
Absolutely. The thing is, nothing really exists in isolation anymore. The Grooves series is our attempt at highlighting these new sounds that seem to come simultaneously from nowhere and everywhere at once. I’d like to think we’ve gotten really good at throwing aside ideas of context and generality, and given people something they’re genuinely surprised and pleased to hear. You don’t think a Japanese Salsa fusion group may ever exist, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear it.

9. What do you think lies ahead in regards to electronica and world music?
There’s been a return and general resurgence of interest in the more organic sounds recently and, paradoxically enough, the electronic world hasn’t shied away from the movement. I can’t possibly imagine what tomorrow will sound like, and I’m thrilled to let it come to me. There’s a slew of talented individuals out there, and I want them to know my socks off! But I think we’ll continue to hear & also to actually see this fusion of the old with the new. I’ve been truly amazed at some of the things I’ve seen & heard courtesy of technology lately.

10. What has been your most memorable moment so far in the music business?
This interview, of course! *laff’n* I’m not sure about my most memorable moment in the business, per se, but one of my favorite and most recent music moments has been waiting for the train and hearing/listening to a street performer with the most amazing harmonica skills I’ve ever heard! He’s mastered all the registers to be able to mimic the sounds of violins, cellos, and flutes perfectly! He plays sonatas, minuets, the works to an audience of tired people, packed like sardines on a subway platform. He’s accompanied by a small CD player and when he starts to play – the entire crowd goes silent and every last one of them smiles. It’s the last thing you’d expect to hear, but it’s also the most perfect thing to hear and experience.

Putumayo World Music, in conjunction with InternetDJ.com are giving away 5 copies of the “A New Groove” compilation to FIVE lucky entrants! Do NOT miss out!

This contest is now closed. The winners have been contacted.

Check out the OFFICIAL site of Putumayo World Music! whether to keep up-to-date with the latest releases, goss on the artists or if you wish to shop on their online catalog ... http://www.putumayo.com

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