Pure Pacha :: Mixed by Sarah Main and Gold Fish

Pure Pacha returns with two new mix sets.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Jul 22, 2008

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Representing the sound of Pure Pacha 2008 are the combined talents of 6th year resident Sarah Main and brand new additions to the Pure Pacha family Gold Fish. Sarah’s mix provides a sample of the sounds heard at Pacha this summer. Gold Fish meanwhile take a fresh approach with original productions and remixes.

Her mix opens with the Tomas Hedburg & Tuccillo remix of Richard Grey’s ‘No Deputy’ a track that deploys a contemporary take on the Bob Marley classic and looks set to become one of the summers biggest on the white isle and beyond. Other highlights include the sumptuously string-laden ‘White Knight 2’ by Surkin, ‘Off Da Hook’ by Jese Garcia and Mark Knight and Funkagenda’s remix of Laurent Garnier’s ‘Man With the Red Face’.

Disc 2 serves as a perfect portal into the realm of Gold Fish, consisting purely of their hotly anticipated original material and genre-bending remixes. The mix kicks-off with the warm atmospherics of Gold Fish’s ‘The Real Deal’. Troydon turns in a funk-fuelled version of Gold Fish’s ‘Fort Knox’ before the disc is rounded off with Brice Koeller’s remix of the boys track ‘Just for Tonight’.

"Pure Pacha"
Mixed By: Sarah Main & Gold Fish
Label: Gut Active
Released: August 2008
CD1: Sarah Main
1. No Deputy (Tomas Hedberg & Tuccillo) - Richard Grey vs Bob Marley
2. Muzik Xpress (Skylark Mix) - X-Press 2
3. Shine On Me (Deuz Mix) - Tikaro
4. Darkness - Guernica (Kid Chris Mix)
5. Deep Inside – David Rubato feat.Manda Djinn
6. White Knight II - Surkin
7. Thriller (Pacha Dub Mix) – Richard Grey
8. Pulling Me Back - Alex Alicea ft. Lesley Carter
9. Off Da Hook – Jesse Garcia
10. Shining Star – Sasha Angel feat. Lara Zola
11. Man With The Red Face - Mark Knight & Funkagenda
12. Sunrise 5.30am (JD’s Excessive Dub) – Dohr & Mangold
13. Coca Loca (Cedric Gervais Mix) – Dino Lenny
14. Call and Response – James Harcourt
15. Heat - Steven Lee & Gaby Dershin
16. The Beginning (Steven Lee & Gaby Dershin's "MAIN's" room mix) – Sarah Main
CD2: Goldfish
1. The Real Deal (Fishy Beat Remix) – Gold Fish
2. This is How it Goes – Gold Fish
3. No Deputy -(Gold Fish Bring the Vibe Remix) - Richard Grey vs Bob Marley
4. Wet Welly – Gold Fish
5. Fort Knox (Troydon’s Gold Bullion Bump) – Gold Fish
6. Sold My Soul (Nacho Marcos Summer of Love Remix) – Gold Fish
7. Soundtracks & Come Backs – Gold Fish
8. Are You Lulu – Gold Fish
9. Coming Home (Dino Moran Remix) – Gold Fish
10. Cruising Through (Al Velilla Remix) – Gold Fish
11. Hold Tight (Juan Diaz & Coco Silco Remix) – Gold Fish
12. Just for Tonight (Brice Koeller’s Cyclops Remix) – Gold Fish

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