Psycle Music Production Studio and Free Download

Looking for a cutting edge, full featured music production studio that has an old-school tracker interface, yet also supports popular plugins and synth modules? Looking to get it for free? If so, then this is exactly what you're looking for.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue May 18, 2004

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Welcome to Psycle. Psycle is a free Open Source Music Production Studio that offers unlimited possibilites for creating your own music in a professional way. Psycle has a familiar tracker-style interface, yet it fully supports VST Plugins, VST Instruments and samples.

Psycle Quick Facts
  • 64 Track Pattern Editor
  • Internal Stereo Sampler unit, that supports high quality
  • stereo .wav files and .iff samples as well (more formats will eventually come)
  • 20+ Native Plugins (Generators & effects), with open API for third party plugins.
  • VST + VSTi Host (still limited but most plugins will work fine)
  • Internal .wav output
  • Configurable Keyboard Layout
  • .fxb loading for VST's
  • Midi-In Support
  • too many others to list.
Download Psycle
So, by now you're itching to get started with this package. For you impatient members, you can download the fully operational and functional windows version right here.

Next, some facts about open-source and what that means. Psycle is an "Open-Source" application released within the Public Domain. This means that not only can you download and use the application for your personal pursuits, but you may also view and download the source code, and modify it for your own purposes.

If you are skilled enough developer, you may even get to interact with the core programmers of this application and enhance the core product for fellow musicians around the world. The Psycle project development page is hosted at SourceForge and located right here.

A very important aspect about Public Domain source code is that you may NOT distribute your own version of Psycle without also distributing your source code and giving the appropriate credit to the current software developers. On the other hand, you can distrubute a customized version of Psycle as your own work specifying that it is a derived work of Psycle.

If you're having some problems getting started with Psycle, make sure to check out the tutorials right here.

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