PrizeVault Giveaway: Robbie Rivera and DJ Disciple

Time for another InternetDJ giveaway from the album vault. We have five copies each of Robbie Rivera's killer mix album 'Wicked' featuring Tomcraft's 'Lonliness' (Benny Benassi Mix) and CYN's DJ Disciple 'Fantasy Reality' featuring the 'Sinister Mix' and the 'Superchumbo Remix'. Enter here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu May 27, 2004

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This CD is a true example of Robbie Rivera’s talent as an DJ, artist, remixer and producer. With WICKED, he has compiled some of his most favorite tracks from Subliminal, Ultra, SFP and JUICY MUSIC. WICKED finally gives the U.S. public a chance to have a taste of Robbie’s sound that was usually reserved for only the world’s best dancefloors and DJs.
Without a doubt, "Fantasy Reality" is among the strongest releases from the Star 69 label and one of the best singles released in 2002. Boasting two essential remixes from DJ Disciple and Superchumbo, Cyn's single can be played from beginning to end and still leave you entirely entertained.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended, but stick around... we're sure to have another giveaway aroudn the corner. Here are the winners of this giveaway:

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