Platnum Releases New Single 'Emotionally Tired'

Single out 12th April 2010, watch the video now.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Mar 9, 2010

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Platnum - Emotionally Tired
Mar 9, 2010

(Press Release) After accumulating over 12 million YouTube views alone and achieving chart success with ‘Whats It Gonna Be’ (number 2) and ‘Loveshy’ having been released with no promotional backing, creators Platnum look set to return in some considerable style.

Valuable time spent in the recording studio since the release of the world renowned ‘Whats It Gonna Be’ in 2008 looks to have seen group hit the jackpot with a fresh new sound and look, demonstrating incredible versatility to adjust to the evolving pop culture of the UK’s music charts.

‘Emotionally Tired’ is already making huge waves in the club scene culminating in number two spots in the UK Club Breakthrough Chart, DMC Mainstream Chart and Music Week’s Pop Chart. This represents a great achievement so far, demonstrating the fans that carried ‘Whats It Gonna Be’ and ‘Loveshy’ to success are now ready to do the same with ‘Emotionally Tired’.

This upbeat track is accompanied by a stylish music video that delivers the chic party atmosphere that encapsulates bedrooms, living rooms and party scenes nationwide the moment the play button is pressed on ‘Emotionally Tired’.

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