Pioneer DVJ-1000 Turntable Review

Remember when DJs just played music?

Posted by DjAntomattei on Sat Jul 22, 2006

The new Pioneer DVJ-1000 replaces its predecessor the DVJ-X1 Professional DVD Turntable to become the absolute benchmark standard in the history of digital turntables!

The appeal of this expensive beauty is to manipulate video and mix it in the same manner you would audio, not only that but it plays NTSC and PAL DVDs from the United States, Europe, and Japan, DVD-R/RWs, CD (CD-R/RWs), mp3s, SD memory card, and MMC cards. It is now possible for you to do scratches, loops, and instant cues with video just the same as with audio.

The concept synopsis of this monster was to create a “future-proof” next generation DVD turntable equipped with the same fully loaded features and layout as the new Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 CD based turntable.

“With its 96 kHz/24-bit audio, the DVJ-1000 will be used by studios, producers and artists who have the option of outputting their tracks in optimum clarity. Connected to our digital chain of mixers and effectors, the DVJ-1000 delivers unparalleled audio quality. Another feature that appeals to music professionals is our Legato Link Pro. This digital filter applies up-sampling technology to reproduce audio information lost in some disc formats (DVD: 48 kHz 192 kHz; CD: 44.1 kHz 176.4 kHz).”

Other Features
* LCD WAVE display is bigger, brighter, and clearer than before.

* 4X Hyper Jog Mode and a Back-and-Forth Loop button.

* Gold RCA Connectors for highest quality sound and reduce signal resistance and noise, better longevity.

* Three Hot Cues and a Rec Mode button to save your cues.

* Instant Reverse at the hit of a switch.

* Real Time Seamless Loop

* Loop In / Out Adjust Adjust both the In and Out points of a loop stored in memory.

* Reloop Instantaneously revert back to the beginning of a loop stored in memory.

* Memory Save Wave Data, Cue, and Loop points on memory card (MMC or SD) or the internal memory.

* Tempo/Master Tempo control and Tempo Control Reset

* Eject Button & Disc Lock. Prevent yourself from doing something stupid like eject in the middle of play

* Shock-Proof Memory and Anti-Vibration Construction Hits, knocks, high volume vibration, and low frequency bass; sound jumps & skipping are prevented by using shock-proof memory for continuous playback.

Specifications (US)
System: Digital Video Disc Visual System and Compact Disc Digital Audio System
Disc Format: DVD (NTSC/PAL), DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R and CD-RW for CD-Audio and MP3 data
DVD Frequency Response: 96 kHz – 4 Hz to 44 kHz
CD Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 115 dB or more (JEITA)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.004% (JEITA)
Audio Output: (2 channel) – RCA (1)
Digital Audio Output: (Coaxial) RCA (1)
Control Terminal: 3.5mm (1/8”) mini-jack
Power Requirements: AC120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption: 42W
Net Weight: 5.4Kg (11.9lb)
Dimensions: 320mm(W) x 408mm(D) x 109mm(H)
12-3/5"(W) * 16"(D) * 4-3/10"

Yes, especially for owners of clubs and/or music bars, and video jockeys. If you need something cheaper in price then purchase the predecessor the DVJ-X1. If you are simply a DJ who wants all the bells and whistles capabilities and features minus the need for visuals then I suggest getting the new CD based Pioneer 1000-MK3 instead. This is DJ Antomattei of Tokyo spinning off.

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