Photo Gallery: San Francisco Lovefest 2006 Wrap-Up

San Francisco felt the love.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Oct 15, 2006

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65,000 people shared the love at San Francisco LoveFest 2006. 23 floats, 25 sound systems, 200+ DJs gigging, 1 spectacular City Hall, 1 marriage ceremony, countless unofficial after parties and 1 gigantic official after event with over 9,000 in attendance, and 0 problems.

InternetDJ was there to cover the event:

Album: Lovefest 2006, San Francisco

Quotes from DJs:
"It really knocked me out. It was my first time in San Francisco and the city truly swept me away. Colorful, beautiful people just rocked and rocked and rocked." Benny Benassi

"The Lovefest represents what the electronic music scene is about - a community of people inspired by music, which enables us to create and achieve the unbelievable. It is a moment in life that will always be remembered. I would like to give my respect to everyone who participated in the production of this event, to the artists that performed, to the those that attended and especially to the City of San Francisco for allowing us to create this celebration. Your cooperation and respect are appreciated." Christopher Lawrence

"Great crowd. Very strong event with great production. It was wonderful to be a part of it." Paul Oakenfold

"San Francisco LoveFest is the most chaotic, euphoric, unmissable party event on our calendar! Where else can you see Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold and naked men on roller skates all in one day??"
Above & Beyond

"Lovefest was better than ever this year. The buzz at the event was electric and I cannot imagine a much better city in America to throw such an event. I met people from all over the country that had flown in for the event and they were all blown away to say the least. It's one of the best festivals America has going at the moment and it seems to keep getting better!" DJ Dan

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*Photos by Steven Centracchio

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