Paul Van Dyk Releases First Mix CD in 8 Years

PvD releases 'Politics of Dancing', his first Mix CD in eight years. Listen to some samples.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Nov 12, 2001

Paul had this to say on the making of his new mix album: "Making Politics of Dance was one of the most difficult things I've had to do. Personally, making an artist album is much earier to do because you can do what you want to do without any limitations, but here you are always working with someone else's track. Add the fact that I have no real experience of DJ mix CDs and you might realize how intense the was for me."

Track Listing and MP3 Samples

Disc: 1
1. Digital Reason- Ashtrax MP3
2. Innocence- Joker Jam MP3
3. First- Private Taste MP3
4. Feeling Good- Jimpy MP3
5. Vega- Paul Van Dyk MP3
6. TBC.- Southern Comfort
7. Iio - Rapture (Tastes So Sweet)
8. So Alive- Sippin Soma
9. Killin' Me- Timo Maas
10. B.W.Y.- Maja Na Damu
11. Elevation- U2
12. Autumn- Paul Van Dyk
13. Cristalle- Viframa
14. Furthermost- Solicitus
15. Four Days- Subsky
16. Empire- Second Sun
17. Out There- Paul Van Dyk

Disc: 2
1. Shout C'mon - Sagitaire
2. Epic Monolith - Micro De Govia
3. Massive - Ralphie B
4. Questions Must Be Asked - David Forbes
5. Activity - Way Out West
6. Interference - Connector
7. Secrets & Lies - Blank & Janes
8. Reach Me - Lexicon 4
9. Reset - Jamnesia
10. Into The Night - 4 String
11. Let's Go - Activex
12. In Progress - Signum
13. Section 0 - Walter & Gelder
14. Club Attack - Solid Sleep
15. Starchildren - Guardian of the Earth
16. Dreamland - Nu-NRG

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