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Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Oct 26, 2005

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In support Paul Van Dyk's latest mix album "The Politics of Dancing 2", we have an exclusive hour-long mix set direct from the living-legend himself. You can hear this mix right now, right here in rotation on InternetDJRadio. For a chance at winning a copy of "The Politics of Dancing 2", check out the contest at the bottom of this page.

Paul Van Dyk - InternetDJ Mix
Listen: {MP3}

"The Politics of Dancing 2"
This mix album is arguably Van Dyk's best compilation yet, and shows how far he has embraced new digital technology. The majority of the tracks on Politics Of Dancing 2 have been reworked, remixed, rearranged or edited by van Dyk to form this unique compilation. The melodic, slower rhythms of CD 1 include tracks by Jose Zamora, Shiloh, Whiteroom, and Mr. Sam, while the tougher beats of CD2, feature tracks and remixes from the likes of Jose Amnesia, Angello & Ingrosso, Marco V, and James Holden. The end result is a stellar mix by one of dance musicís most exceptional figures.

Mixed by: Paul Van Dyk
Format: 2xCD
Label: Mute
Released: September 20, 2005 (US)
1. Alex Gold - "String Theory"
2. Tranquility Base - "Getting Away"
3. Calmec - "Tangerine"
4. Jose Zamora & Damian DP feat Paleday - "Transatlantic"
5. Shiloh - "Dream On"
6. Walsh & Coutre feat Holly - "Burn"
7. Thomas Datt - "Alone"
8. Lolo - "Why?"
9. Purple Haze - "Adrenalin"
10. Kuffdam & Plant - "Summerdream"
11. Filo & Peri feat Fisher - "Closer Now"
12. White Water feat Melinda Gareh - "The Unknown"
13. Marc Van Linden - "Forbidden Love"
14. White Room feat Amy Cooper - "Someday"
15. Kyau vs Albert - "Falling Anywhere"
16. Mr Sam - "Lyteo"
17. Solange - "Messages"
1. Paul Van Dyk feat Wayne Jackson - "The Other Side"
2. Jose Amnesia vs Serp - "Second Day"
3. Angello & Ingrosso - "Yeah"
4. Simon & Shaker featuring Alicia Hawkes - "Make It"
5. Yellow Blackbird - "Superfly"
6. Giuseppe Ottaviani - "Linking People"
7. Marco V - "More Than A Life Away"
8. Thomas Bronzwaer - "Close Horizon"
9. Mark Norman - "T34"
10. CJ Stone - "Shine"
11. Santiago Nino - "Believe"
12. Perasma - "Swing 2 Harmony"
13. Dallas Superstars - "Higher"
14. Wellenrausch - "Carry On"
15. Holden & Thompson - "Nothing"

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