Paparazzi in the Ghostland

Step outside your safe tune zone.

Posted by annacon3 on Wed Feb 11, 2009

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Ghostland Observatory, a duo out of Austin, Texas comprised of front man Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner play hard and work even harder. They exploded onto the scene in 2007 producing two critically acclaimed albums in one year. "Paparazzi Lighting" and "Delete. Delete. I. Eat. Meat." both serve up a bevy of funky jams that will sooth the soul of any rock fan with their catchy rock riffs and feed the need of any beat junky with their feisty tempos.

Behrens woos us with a vocal quality similar to the stylings of Cedric Bixler-Zevala (The Mars Volta) and a stage personality reminiscent of Freddie Mercury. Combined with Turner's beats, catchy percussion and the brilliant floor length, silver cape he dons for every show, Ghostland Observatory has created a concept quite entirely their own. With light shows that rival a televised evangelical mass and upbeat performances that make Tony Robbins seem like a catatonic, Trashy Moped Recordings have their hands full with this pair already producing their third album "Robotique Majestique" in 2008.

They serve as the missing link between rock so comfortable it feels like an old pair of chucks and the beat world tempo that satisfies any slave to the beat. With gems like "Sad, Sad City", "Stranger Lover", "Shoot'em Down", "Silver City" and "Midnight Voyage", they are the perfect start for anyone looking to step outside their safe tune zone.

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