Orbital Release Farewell Album and Final Event

Orbital is set to release the Blue Album, their final album, in the US on September 21, 2004 on ATO Records. Gloomy days ahead as fans prepare for final gig. Find out how to win tickets to their last event on July 28th. Details here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jul 12, 2004

Music News
In 1990 Chime entered the UK's Top 20 and the Green album changed the face of electronic music in the world and certainly got us hooked into electronic music culture. They developed a live show that evolved, by common consent into one of the landmark performance shows of the last decade.

15 years later, the Orbital Brothers, Phil and Paul Hartnoll release their last album and will play their last gigs together. Ironically, their last album "Is closer in character to our first album than our later ones, if only because we made it in our own time and for ourselves," says Paul. Which makes sense as the brothers extra-mural interests have all informed the character of the Blue Album, the band's seventh which evolved gradually over the course of 2003 with the band free from record company expectations and schedules for the first time since their career began.

The Last Gig
Orbital's last and final event will be the John Peel Maida Vale gig. This gig will be broadcast live on July 28th 2004 on Radio One.

This will be an invite only event and there may be a few tickets to give away on the Orbital website. John Peel will also announce a competition to win one of 25 tickets to Maida Vale on his Wednesday show (14th July 2004). This could be your only chance to be at the ultimate final Orbital gig.

Blue Album
  1. Transient
  2. Pants
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. Lost
  5. You Lot
  6. Bath Time
  7. Acid Pants
  8. Easy Serv
  9. One Perfect Sunrise
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