Oakenfold Remixes Madonna-- Watch it Now

Paul takes on Hollywood, but he traveled all the way to communist China to do it. Stream the results here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Sep 16, 2003

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Whether you think he's the King of DJs or the King of Cheese, Paul Oakenfold has indisputible momentum. Widely considered a godfather of the modern club DJ movement, his mixes continue to provide energy to the dance floors. Recently, Oakenfold has taken his tour beyond the club.

"Over the last year and half, I've really concentrated on doing unusual shows. I was in Alaska and Havana before going to China, which took a year to organize and set up because you have to get government permission to perform at the Great Wall. Fortunately I've been able to pave the way by touring extensively through China for the past six years. I've played in Guangxi, Shan Xian, Beijing, Shanghai and, of course, Hong Kong. There's twenty-one major cities in China," he adds with a laugh, "and I'm working my way around to all of them."

Oakenfold's latest release Perfecto Presents: Paul Oakenfold - Great Wall (due in stores September 30th 2003) is the result of the unprecendented concert on the Great Wall of China. The deluxe, two CD set features 19 riveting remixes, including such standout Oakenfold alchemy as Bjork's Pagan Poetry, Madonna's Hollywood, Dave Gahan's Dirty Sticky Floors and the above mentioned Oakenfold original, Hypnotized. Extended remixes of key Great Wall tracks are also being made available in a six-sided vinyl edition.

You can stream Paul Oakenfold's videos from the new album Perfecto Presents: Paul Oakenfold - Great Wall, including Hypnotised and the remix of Madonna's Hollywood.

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