Nuke Sauce Remix Competition WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Check out the top three finalists and the winner of our prize.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Feb 13, 2012

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Well another successful remix competition has come and gone.  Our featured artist Gerald the Genius had significant difficulty selecting the winner but in the end I know he made the right decision.  The target for the comp was Nuke Sauce.  We received 12 terrific submissions (sorry gymparasite, your upload truly didn't save). 100s of ballots were cast (the MOST EVER!) and we have a crisp $100 bill (through paypal) ready to send to the winner. And so here we are...

The top three finalists, in no particular order.

YAGO BOSS - Wtfk Dude Nuke Sauce Remix (play)

EOLIVEIRA - Nuke Sauce Remix (play)

Andrew Wakerley - Nuke Sauce Awake Remix (play)














Keep going...




























This is the second comp in a row that Mr. Oliveira has taken the top prize. Congrats Erwin!! Says the Genius himself of your work, "I ran over all three a few times but this one is fuckin DYNOMITE!!! Great variation and bass play. Beautiful synth work. I swear Gandalf himself might have made it."  

Check out EOLIVEIRA's music profile to hear his entire exceptional collection of original and remixed tracks. 


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