No Love Lost Between San Francisco and Berlin

July 15th 2006 marks the homecoming of Love Parade to Berlin Germany. So is there really any need for another one in SF? German HQ doesnt seem to think so.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Apr 10, 2006

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Now that the Love Parade is back on in its rightful home of Berlin Germany, there really isn't much need for a festival of the same name over in San Francisco. The rumor is that the San Francisco organizers did not capitalize on the name sake as best as they could have, reporting dismal numbers and not capturing some key performance figures.

In our exclusive interview with Paul Van Dyk late last year, Paul told us directly why he pulled out of Love Parade San Francisco, "There is only one story here. In order to do a public event like this, there has to be insurance in case something happens. Apparently there were some problems with the organizers of the Love Parade with getting the right insurance for the actual truck to be secure for the DJs. We are all very lucky that nothing happened, but if something bad did happen there wouldn't have been any insurance for the person that might have been hurt. This is why we pulled out. Of course, if the float didn't drive up and down the street, I wouldn't have been able to perform on the float!"

Despite their efforts the San Francisco edition of Love Parade has been permanently dissolved with no mention of a return in the near future. Organizers who licensed the name from the German creators had sent out a email last week claiming that their license was taken away due to concentration on the events return to Berlin. However, there was some speculation by individuals within the organization that the numbers posted in San Francisco were not all that they appeared. At this time there is no evidence to support that this was the reason why the license was revoked.

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