Nine Inch Nails Expands on Garageband Release Phenom with 'Only'

Trent Reznor has released NIN's latest single 'Only' in not only Garageband format, but also Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Acid.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jun 27, 2005

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After much success with his first experiment, releasing 'The Hand That Feeds' in Garageband format, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has expanded on the first giveaway with his latest single 'Only'.

Trent states on his website: "I've enjoyed and cringed at what you've done with my song. thank you (i think). So... here I offer you Only, the new single. This time I've expanded the idea from just offering the song in Garageband to four different formats that include windows users as well."

Trent goes on to tease that he may build a formal community to support this new type of release and perhaps the introduction of an EP. Those windows users just getting started with remixing and composing can download Sony Acid Xpress for free. The 'Only' single for Acid has been modified to work with the free version. Logic users can also use the Garageband version.

Download "ONLY" Multitrack Files

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