New Version of DJDecks Released

djDecks is a great music mixing program. There is a new release out now, grab a free demo copy right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Fri Nov 8, 2002

You get up to three decks to load your songs in. Each deck has a pitch and volume controls, a stereo VU-meter, you can see position, cue and song information.

You can pre-listen the song using headphones through the rear-out of your 3d-soundcard, with a second sound card or by splitting left and right channels.

djDecks has a very advanced bpm detection that will help you synchronizing your songs. It's very easy to set a cue-point and start your song exactly when you want it at the position you want.

You also get a high-quality three-band equalizer per player, and other cool effects such as echo, looping, flanger and gapper.

To select your songs you can use the playlist and file browser. It loads all the id3 tags and shows the songs found based on id3 tags so you get the information displayed the way you want it, instead of based on how the file is named.

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