New Single From The Ones

US dance trio The Ones are back with another installment of well produced, super funky house. Get the details and listen to the full track right here on internetdj.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Dec 3, 2002

Reminiscent of their previous track "Flawless" this bouncy, slice of cool house simply named "Superstar" is destined for massive success.

The Ones created quite a stir in New York City last year with their "Flawless" single. The trio of vocalists: Paul Alexander, JoJo Americo, and Nashom, met each other while working at the Greenwich Village boutique Patricia Field. They found they had much in common, most notably an interest in New York's club and fashion underground. A Touch of Class produced the Ones' breakthrough single, "Flawless," and Strictly Rhythm released the single, originally released by A Touch of Class Recordings, with several remixes.

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