New Release: Death in Vegas - 'Satan's Circus'

The new LP is due in May and includes a bonus live album. Full details are here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Mar 9, 2005

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The last time we saw Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes as partners in Death in Vegas was for their 2003 release of "Scorpio Rising". This was a memorable album, but perhaps not as 'classic' as their 1997 groundbreaking release "Dead Elvis", which still to this day is one of our favorite and most influential electronic albums of all time.

Their fourth full length album finds them for the first time on US based label The Lab. Much like Dead Elvis, Satan's Circus promises to hold a foot in both Rock and Dance. Highly influenced by German electronic music, the album pays homage to the likes of Kraftwerk and Neu!.

"Satan's Circus" will be released as a double CD package which includes the Live at Brixton disc on May 24, 2005. Death in Vegas will also launch a full US tour supporting the album. Its a shame much of America has never heard of DiV. Perhaps with the tour and heavy support from The Lab, Richard and Tim will finally break the US in half. Mark your calendars.

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