New Reason 3 Release Promises Greater Playability

Reason 3 has now been officially released. The new version promises greater playability, flexible and performance. Check out all the new features here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Mar 10, 2005

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The main additions since Reason 2.5 are:
* The Combinator - a device that lets you load, play and create rich sounding, complex instrument patches by combining, layering and routing Reason devices in a rack within the Reason rack. This means you can now play any number of instruments at a time, complete with effects and complex modulation routings if you like.

* Remote - a new technology that integrates your hardware MIDI controller with your Reason system without any tedious configuration. The instant and total integration of the supported MIDI hardware gives you instant, tactile control when tweaking knobs or buttons in Reason.

* Sound bank 3.0 - The new sound bank in Reason 3.0 uses all the new features to bring you a much expanded library with tons of synth patches, multi sampled instruments and inspiring Combinator patches.

* The 3.0 sound browser - A file browser may not sound like something musical, but Reason's new sound browser will aid your inspiration by helping you find the sound you are looking for in an instant. Now you can do free text searches across your entire sound library, preview play patches directly in the browser, regardless of what device they are for, and also arrange your patches in favorite folders which is a great help in performance situations.

* The MClass mastering suite - The suite consists of four new effects units that will help you add the final touch to your mix. A new 4-band EQ, a Stero Imager, a new sweet sounding Compressor with side-chain and soft-knee and a Maximizer to make your tracks one louder.

To learn all about what's new in Reason 3.0, please go to the Reason pages on our web site:

The new version is available as an upgrade for owners of previous versions of Reason. You can either get it from your local music store, from your national distributor or directly from the Propellerhead Software web shop.

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