New John Digweed Mix Album in Stores

Here's the scoop on JD's new mix album. It was released last week and in stores now. Check here for more info.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jun 10, 2002

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I haven't finished listening to the entire album yet, but I'm so-so right now. I don't think it's anything that will blow your mind like Digweed's Global Underground: Los Angeles but it will hold as a solid release for the fans and new-comers. I usually buy everything from JD, and this would be no exception, so pick it up at your favorite store, or click the amazon link below. If you have your own thoughts on it, post them in the forum. For what it's worth, here's the publicity blurb on the new album:

The world's No. 1 DJ John Digweed releases a new compilation 'MMII', Weird in all the right places, with splashes of loneliness here and there, but deliberate and to the point, it's a diverse mix of the new and old, the known and soon to be known. A little more musical and a little less dark than what you may expect from John, 'MMII' fills in the gaps that some of the more conventional recent mix compilations have created.

Beginning with an almost retro sense of electro, it moves succinctly into a mini-set of deep psychedelic dub house tracks, and then shifts into a few nearly forgotten classics, before finishing off with something that more closely resembles the Digweed sound that the world has come to love and embrace over the years. Covering as much ground and air space as is sensibly possible in just over an hour, Digweed gracefully fluctuates back and forth between tracks of eerie spaciousness and driving dance-floor cuts.

Track Listing
Pollon "Lonely Planet"
Pole Folder "DUST"
Bermuda Triangle "Mooger Fooger"
Sean Q6 "Of Course"
Flash Brothers "Protect the Sense
108 Grand "Te Quiero"
Shakespeare's Sister "Black Sky"
James Holden "I Have Put Out The Light"
Spooky "Belong"
Mandalay "Deep Love"
Noble+Thomas - Timeflies

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