New House Music Record Pool

Soulcaster Entertainment/FL will be working with Warped Recordings/NYC and Top Line Distribution to bring you the Warped Record Service a slammin' new underground house record pool!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Aug 19, 2001

Some of the labels we will focus on are Loveslap, Green Gorilla, Om, Elektric Soul, Worship, Maya, Esho, Glascow Underground, Nuphonic, Moody, Doubledown, Moulton Studio's, Grayhound, Paper, Chez, Siesta, Gossip Lounge, Dusted Distribution (they are basically Dust Traxx Records, Night Life Collective, Catalyst, Applejaxx Recordings, Kid Dynamite Records, and Clashback Recordings). Plus any new slammin label we can find! We are offering these labels a great deal by asking you "the pool member" for feedback (monthly) thru charts and response sheets.

These charts and responses are key to us getting lot's of slammin white labels and promos. You will be dropped from the pool if you fail report your top ten chart monthly. Also, we are currently setting up a website for the pool which will post charts, reviews, where our members spin. So if this info interests you, and you want to find out more or become a member, or you work with a label that would like to be involved email

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