New DJ Software: Traktor + Demo Download

I was always wondering: 'Could it be posible to mix at private party with only one PC with only one sound card, without headphones ?' Native Instruments, a German company, has the answer > TRAKTOR.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat May 4, 2002

Here is some short info taken from Native's official web site:

TRAKTOR DJ Studio brings professional DJ mixing to the digital domain, unifying listening, interaction, mixing and composition. The modular concept of TRAKTOR DJ Studio integrates two high-quality players with a convenient playlist section, DJ mixer, beat matcher, digital scratcher, cue section and filters. The innovative parametric control of the software makes it possible to record all control movements and export a mix in a dedicated file format.

Five cue points for setting loops or triggering the next track can be set and saved for each audio file. The unique interactive waveform display, full MIDI control, mix automation and audio file export make TRAKTOR DJ Studio a superior music player.

Comprehensive file format
All user interactions during a TRAKTOR session can be recorded with sample accurate precision. For first first time it is possible to generate a mix as a pure control file without replicating the audio material. Interrupt and resume mixing at any point or edit parts of a mix in a second pass for additional effects. TRAKTOR files contain all information needed to identify the tracks used in the mix and reduce hours of performance to a size perfectly suited for sharing and distributing mixes over the internet.

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